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Strictly limited old fashion resin cast model kits

Why Choose Us?

Doing model kits since 1980... Yep, old grumpy man (Born 1963). But life is what it is, after some major health issues I can't paint no more, so I concentrate on producing. Part of my real life learned job ( Tool maker) I always edited some model kits. The quality goes better every year. But it is still a hobby and Fan Art. I work together with some amazing sculptors and in case of 3d sculpt also with some excellent printers. But then it goes the old fashion way. Silicon moulds, casting, cleaning, etc.

Here you have to do to a fan, a kit builder, and so all transactions goes from collector to collector. I KNOW what you want when you buy from me. I'll do my best to serve you. But I am a one man show, so don't expect same days shipping etc. I need to drive to the postoffice, and I have a Life too. But untill now, no complaints.

About Us

Heng Hilger

Grumpy Old Man

Since I am mostly a One-Man-Show, its easy to solve problems. If there are any problems, I am the one to resolve them (maybe also the one who create them ) My English isn't very well, but we can surely communicate. Other than that, feel free to address me in German, French, and of course Luxembourgish. 

I am located in the heart of Europe : Luxembourg. So think about it when you write me a message, maybe I'm sleeping that time. 

Casting season is Winter, in Summer its Woodworking

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